50 Pretty Blunt Cut Ideas That’ll Convince You To Ditch Those Layers

Release your inner ‘biker babe' by opting for a blunt cut. The main trend among the haircuts without layers is the blunt cut bob. However, if you are the type of gal who loves your hair long, you can still get those blunt ends – no worries! Luckily, blunt cuts look amazing on all hair textures and lengths.

You just have to find the right style for you. Think if you want a one-length look or one of those cute angled cuts that are longer in the front and shorter in the back. To see these and other marvelous styles, check our curated list of blunt cuts below!

1. Blunt Pixie Bob. We love the texture in this bob because it adds the perfectly imperfect touch inherent to the trendiest cuts of today. Blunt cuts tend to be more universal than layered chops. You decide which one is more appealing to you.

2. Neck-Length Blunt Bob. Stylists refer to these new trendy piecey no-layer haircuts as 'soft blunt cuts', and they are really chic. No wonder why women love this trend so much. It looks feminine, professional, and flirty at the same time.

3. Side Parted Short Blunt Bob. A style that looks amazing on all women but especially the ones with thinner hair. Just check how much volume you may have with such a basic cut.

4. Chin-Length Blunt Bob. We love this bob because it hits the jawline and creates a crisp bottom and an edgy overall look. You can style it straight or wavy for 2nd-day hair.

5. Stacked Blunt Bob. Stacked layers give you the most volume and body you could ask for. Razor cut mixed with blunt cut will help you have that clean look.

6. Shoulder-Length Blunt Cut. If you're used to long hair, a lob is not too far off – you still have the length to style a classy updo or a cute half up. So, opt for a medium blunt cut to start off your shorter hair journey.

7. Combed Over Blonde Blunt Cut. Switch your part to create the extra volume you didn't know you had. A great trick for thinner hair types.

8. Subtly Graduated Blunt Cut Bob. For ladies with thin hair, a slightly graduated cut is the way to go because it can help add extra volume and body, especially in the back.

9. Blunt Cut Lob with Shadow Roots. You'll become obsessed with a lob because you will be able to wear your hair free-flowing or half up half down without struggling with length! You get the best of both worlds with a sexy lob.

10. Short Blunt Wavy Bob. The shorter the bob, the more volume you'll have and this style proves it! We love how thick and luscious her hair looks because of the right cut, coloring, and styling.

11. Blunt Textured Bob. Go for a fun, quirky balayage color and play around with blending since you have such a bold cut.

12. Poker Straight Blunt Lob. The best way to show off the angled blunt cut is to style it straight. You can have it longer if you wish to make simple updos.

13. Blunt Cut with Side Bangs. The curtain bangs with an off-center part and subtle waves look thrilling. For softer, looser curls try using a medium-sized curling iron.

14. Classic A-Line Blunt Bob. The subtle cut in the A-line shape is super chic and sexy for a sleek date night ‘do. Try a middle part to really emphasize the symmetry of the cut.

15. Blunt Cut for Fine Hair. Is a blunt cut better for thin hair and fine locks? Yes, but if chosen right. In general, keep things simple and go for a straight medium cut with subtle face-framing layers so you can have some length to style.

16. Angled Cut with Blunt Bangs. Frame your face and enhance your cheekbones by going for accurate front bangs and long side pieces slimming down your face.

17. Mid Length Blunt Cut. You can upgrade your basic blunt cut with some front highlights and waves. Feel the thickness, volume, and effortless charm this style delivers.

18. Brightly Colored Blunt Bob. Get a clean, chic look within minutes using a straightener. With a bright color, your blunt cut will look even more interesting.

19. Long Blunt Cut for Thin Hair. Blunt cuts work on all hair types, including very thin hair. To keep your locks healthy-looking and sleek, use a hair shine mist after styling.

20. Tousled Blunt Bob with Balayage. Beachy highlights work on shorter lengths too! If you want to add some dimension to your blunt cut, go for a balayage and create some messiness in your hair.

21. Cute Blunt Cut with Bangs. If your front bangs grew out, you can turn them into trendy curtain bangs. Keep them layered and the rest of your hair blunt for an eye-catching current look.

22. Bridal Short Blunt Cut Hair. Pair your short blunt bob with trendy jewelry, and you are ready for any special occasion. Choose matching earrings and use red lipstick. Blunt bobs pair so well with off-shoulder dresses!

23. Below-The-Shoulders Blunt Cut. Upgrade your medium-length blunt cut with a trendy coloring like a warm chestnut brown or bronde balayage. The transition between the colors has to be soft.

24. Blunt Cut for Curly Hair. Let your waves fly free with a super short bob that grazes your jawline. To get those effortless waves, use a medium-sized curling iron and hold it around each piece for about 10-15 seconds and comb through.

25. Edgy Blunt Bowl Cut. If you are the type to pick a bold style and know you can rock it – here's the one to choose. You can go shorter or longer depending on how long you want your bowl cut to be.

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26. Sleek Chin-Length Blunt Cut. If you ask us what is a blunt cut – we will show you this classic example of the no-layers A-line bob. Make sure you use anti-frizz hair oil after styling to keep everything sleek.

27. Blunt Bob Hairstyle with Ombre. Yes, there is such a thing as blunt cut layers and they look amazing on thick hair because of how much movement they add to your style.

28. Middle Part Blunt Bob. The key to having a perfect middle part is to shadow your roots and use a tail hair comb to define your part. After you've got your desired middle part, style your bob with a curling iron or use a sea-salt spray and scrunch your damp hair.

29. Rooted Blonde Blunt Bob. Leave your roots your natural hair color so you can get the cool biker vibe. You may choose to have your blunt cut angled or straight – both cuts look great!

30. Neat Black Blunt Cut Bob. Did we say that blunt cuts look especially good on very dark straight hair? Of course, it has to be healthy, shiny, and perfectly shaped for the maximum effect.

31. Blunt Cut Long Hair. Inspiration for a blunt cut on long hair is hard to find, but we just want to make it super easy for you. Several front strands may be a bit shorter.

32. Blunt Cut Bangs. This haircut is probably for the boldest women out there. But you can take the idea of the trendy blunt baby bangs and pair them with your favorite cut.

33. Super Long Blunt Haircut. With a blunt cut, you won’t suffer from those unruly shorter hair pieces, misbehaving every time you try to style your long layered haircut, because actually your hair will have no layers at all.

34. Gothic Blunt Cut. If you aren't into a full head of highlights, go for just one streak to release your rebel side. For black hair, red will be a great accent.

35. Thick Hair Blunt Lob. Our eyes go straight to the back because of how thick and voluminous her hair is! With such a mane, a blunt cut will create the wow-effect.

36. Long Blunt Cut Bob with Bangs. Let your bangs graze your eyebrows to frame your eyes and cheekbones perfectly.

37. Red Angled Lob. If you like to attract attention, start off with a sleek angled bob cut. Want to add some zest? Let your hair colorist do something non-banal with your hair color.

38. Super Long Blunt Cut. Show off your mid-back length with a blunt cut to achieve a sleek, eye-catching style.

39. Deep Side Part Blunt Cut. Even if you have thin hair, a side part will give that instant boost of volume and show off your shiny sleek hair.

40. 90's Blunt Bob. The curled under hair is the inspiration for a 90's bob. It's always in style and can look amazing on all face shapes.

41. One-Length Blunt Bob. Keep things on the shorter side if you have thinner hair. Choose the same length all the way around, as in this picture, add highlights, ask for slightly jagged ends, and leave your roots darker.

42. Half Up Half Down Blunt Cut. We love how sweet the waves are in this basic bob. Add hair pins or clips to elevate the simple half up style.

43. Super Short Blunt Cut. Get that wispy vibe with an extra short cut without bangs – blunt in front and stacked in the back.

44. Messy Lob with Thin Bangs. "Messy" has turned into a trendy word; the look can be achieved by teasing your bluntly cut hair a bit and adding volume with dry shampoo.

45. Blunt Cut with Thinned Out Ends. Sometimes to create fullness on top, your hairstylist needs to thin out the ends of your hair. Go for it if needed – when everything is done right, the result is great.

46. Short Blunt Cut with Glasses. For shorter hair, split your bangs in the middle to help beautifully frame your cheekbones and jawline.

47. Natural Hair Blunt Cut. Let your texture shine through with a blunt cut. Make sure to keep your hair hydrated and healthy so your blunt cut can grow out properly.

48. Blunt Cut Hairstyle for Fine Hair. When you don't have voluminous hair, try a blunt bob cut with properly placed highlights to give it the necessary depth and lift.

49. Blunt Cut for Women Over 50. The asymmetrical blunt cut brings out another side of the popular bob that screams chic and elegant! It looks so youthful! A flattering bob cut really makes older women look younger.