30 Modern Feathered Hair Ideas For Women Of All Ages

Are you curious about trying a feathered hairstyle? Go for it! Modern feathered hair includes a number of trendy cuts that were made popular in the 1970s. The layered airy look is comfortable and easy to wear throughout the day.

Find what you need in our comprehensive guide featuring different versions of this timeless favorite. Take into account your preferences and face shape, look through and choose a few feathered haircuts that you may want to try.

1. Classic Short Pixie Feathered Cut. Women in their 30s or 40s will certainly appreciate this classic feathered short cut. Not only will it add more glamour to your overall look, but it also makes you look even younger than you really are.

2. Imperfectly Perfect Feathered Crop. If you like styling your hair but do not like straight lines, then this messy ultra-short cut can be your perfect choice. Plus, all you need is some hair mousse to style it, and the lively textured cut will look its best.

3. Feathered Pixie Bob Haircut. The elegant pixie bob will enhance your best facial features rather than just hide them in case you have an oval face. It is also a perfect refreshing hairstyle for those who are looking for a change.

4. Short Pixie for Women Over 40. When you are in your 40s, it may be difficult to have a hairstyle that looks good only when styled in the hairdresser's chair – which is why you might want to find an alternative. As a solution, this short feathered style only needs some mousse and you're good to go.

5. Shaggy Feather Cut for Thin Hair. The general problem with thin hair is that it's very difficult to make voluminous and dimensional. However, by adding some feathered layers and bangs, your hair should be able to breathe more and get an airier look.

6. Beachy Highlighted Feather Cut for Medium Hair. Beach waves always look good with feathered hair, as they make it seem even more voluminous. For more structure, you may also add highlights to emphasize the summer-ready vibe.

7. Feathered Bang Crop Cut. Elegance can be expressed through bangs, among other elements. Bangs are what make this feathered hairstyle so classy. It's as refreshing as it is sophisticated.

8. Fresh Feathered Bangs for Long Hair. Feathered hair looks great with bangs, so if you're into both – it's a perfect combination. It works best with healthy-looking hair, as it lightens up your style and frames the face – all while adding a bit of elegance.

9. Classic 80s Feathered Hairstyle. Those of you who like the vibe of the 80s might want to try this feather hair cut. Keeping the hair voluminous at the roots while layering generously at the tips will provide that windswept look while making your hair appear effortlessly tousled.

10. Elegant Feathered Hair with Bangs. Bangs add a certain degree of playfulness – that's why feathered hair with bangs seems like a suitable choice. A wonderful solution for women with thick hair who want to somewhat reduce that frizz.

11. Short Feathered Hair with Volume. If your hair is short, then you might want to try a chin-length feathered hair cut. It will provide added volume and an airy vibe that seems a bit disheveled, yet put together at the same time.

12. Disheveled Feathered Pixie Bob. The bob does not have to be all about the sharp edges and hard lines. You may also go for soft alternatives such as this messy feathered bob. The advantage here is that it is also easy to maintain.

13. Medium-Length Feathered Layered Hair. Medium-length hair will also benefit from being cut into a refreshing piece-y shag – and this feather cut for medium hair is proof of that. Once again, we witness a lovely feathered hair look from the 80s or 90s but it has undergone a serious modern update.

14. Mid-Length Flipped-Up Feathered Hair. Flipped up feathered styles have a way of adding movement and bounce to medium-length hair. Talk to your hairstylist and ask if they can add feathers in stepped layers. This way, you may easily style your hair at home.

15. Short Punk Pixie Feathered Hair. If you have thick hair and wish to thin it out, then this cut might work wonders. By feathering it in a boyish style and shaving the sides right above your ears, you'll achieve a modern "young and restless" punk look that will make you appear quite daring.

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16. Elegant Feather Cut for Long Hair. Hair tends to lie flat after it goes past a certain length. However, by adopting a feather cut for long hair, you'll give it some extra bounce and dimension.

17. Glamorous Flip Feathered Hair. If you are going for Kim Kardashian's hairstyle, then you might want to try out the flip cut. Not only is it easily styled, but it also brings more natural volume to your medium hair.

18. Short Bangs Feathered Hair. Short bangs are a great option to make you look upbeat and sporty. This short hairstyle will take years off your face and make you feel like you're in your 20s.

19. Outward Feather Cut. This outward feathered hairstyle should help show off your feminine features and face shape. Plus, it makes your hair more voluminous.

20. Blue Pixie Feathered Hair. If you feel sassy, then you might want to try this colorful feathered look. It's particularly suitable for oval faces and olive skin, giving you a rugged and youthful appearance.

21. Messy Feathered Undercut. If you don't want your bangs sticking to the sides, then style them in an upward direction. This may easily be achieved with a feathered undercut pixie.

22. Over 40 Feather Cut for Short Hair. Fringes have always been a good way to hide thinning hair. For this reason, short feathered hair should keep you looking fresh and confident, while being trouble-free in terms of styling.

23. Blonde Feathered Pixie Cut. Blonde hair and short sweet cuts always complement each other. Get that tomboyish look by asking your hairdresser to give you a long feathered pixie cut.

24. Side-Swept Messy Short Cut. The advantage of a side-swept style is that you just need to brush your hair to the side in the morning, and the layers underneath will do the rest.

25. Shaved Side Feathered Pixie. For a clean and airy style, you can try an undercut. It will make you look younger and bolder. Bear in mind that it works only if you have thick and healthy hair.

26. Daring Mohawk Style. Young souls never want to be stuck with a boring hairstyle – which is why this cut is so attractive. A short feathered hair look with a messy mohawk will always turn heads.

27. Bob Feathered Hair for Women Over 50. Feathered from the center all the way to the chin, this haircut is perfect for diverting attention from your fine lines and making you look well-groomed. Plus, the short hair will give you a bonus in the "chic" department.

28. Feathered Cut for Medium Hair. If you are looking for feathered hairstyles for medium length hair, these deep layers will make you feel fresher. Note that this cut is only suitable for generously thick hair.

29. Feathered Cut with Wavy Highlights. If you have wavy hair, then highlights are a good way to emphasize your curls. Plus, they will make your hair look richer.